No Birthday Like One at Disney


Outfit Details: F21 lace top/skirt/bag, jeweled belt from Canada trip, Seychelles lace wedges
It's a double dose day! Earlier a food post and now an outfit post?!? I'm on a roll! Well, sorting through my pictures and all the things I need to upload are starting to create a long list. The pics above are from my birthday dinner with the bf. I didn't even know what to wear! All he said was that it was at a nice place but we will be walking a little so be comfortable. Now how can a girl pick an outfit from that? So I opted for my go-to outfit staple: cute top + skirt and wore wedges since they're more comfortable than heels. (Thank goodness because walking around Disneyland in heels? I don't think so. That's torture right there.)

Oh and so cool! I got my very first "Happy Birthday" pin upon entrace at Disneyland! Silly of me I know, but I liked it. It really does make the wonderful world of Disney a little more magical (okay the fireworks kind of helped with that). All in all it was a really sweet, thoughtful birthday and he did a good job making it special. Thanks boo! <3

Sending love,

P.S. I noticed I'm smiling in all these pictures...couldn't help it. It was just such a happy day!

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