OCFW 2012: Fashion Designer Show


Outfit Details: dress c/o Lulus.com (still available here), Poppie Jones bag (from DSW), American Rag heels (from Macy's), F21 necklace, Charming Charlie watch bracelet

Show time was 8pm.
Designer call time was 1pm.

Sounds pretty early right? 7 hours before a show starts? Well, believe it or not, we needed it. I was moving nonstop the entire time (almost forgot to eat!) from checking model's hair/makeup to doing last minute touches on my dresses & jewelry designs. I didn't even have time to do my hair! (So please excuse the wild hair look lol) Even with all the craziness going on, I loved every moment of it and would totally do it all over again. <3

My super cool friends & family who came out to support my big night! Heart them!

Mmm...fresh fruits (basically my meal that day)

My dear friend Tiffani also came out to support! Our dress colors look good together, don't they?

I was so nervous during this designer interview! Omg I don't even remember what I said lol

with Student Competition 1st place winner Angela Wu and some of her creative designs - CONGRATS!

Project Runway's Gordana Gehlhausen's collection - so glamourous!

***SPECIAL THANKS to OC Fashion Association for organizing another amazing fashion show for OC Fashion Week at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity inside the OC Mart Mix! Also, many thanks to everyone who helped put it together: fellow designers, models, hair/makeup artists, photographers, press/media, Project Runway celebrity guest judges (Michael Costello & Gordana Gehlhausen), production crew, kraft services, etc...this event couldn't have been successful without you! All your hard work and efforts are truly appreciated! :)

Shout out to my beautiful models [Blanca, Gemma, Denika, & Chelsy] who totally rocked my designs!!

***Be sure to check my Facebook for a video of my designs on the runway! THANKS to my little sisteroo Kaf for recording it!

For more pictures of this fabulous event (and amazing designs from other fashion designers, including Project Runway alums Michael Costello & Gordana Gehlhausen), check out:
Kimberly Luu Facebook (I created an OCFW album since there were so many pics!)

Sending love,

Instagram/Twitter Me: @kimberly_luu
P.S. For more outfit details of what I wore to this red carpet event, click here.


  1. aww your designs look amazing Kimberley! I really love the thought you put into the back of the dresses. the knot in the back of the blue one is stunning and the colours couldn't be more perfect! amazing work :):)


  2. great post, i love all he dresses :) i have a new post about cheap online shopping if you get a sec to take a look, would love to know what you think!!

    Eimear x


  3. Love these pictures! the dresses are amazing! Absolutely love your blog btw! xx


  4. This is awesome hun! :) So happy for you!


  5. wow kimberly these designs are stunning! i love the back detailing on the blue dress so much - very sexy and chic.
    fashion shows are tough work, but it looks amazing! you must have fallen into bed so fast that night haha


  6. Amazing designs! Love the blue the halter neckline with the twist in the back...hot!

  7. you did a great job girl!!


  8. Lots of beautiful dresses and you look fantastic!



  9. I really love your blog!!!
    the dresses are amazing!!


  10. Love all the dress color, and amazing details on the back. Very creative.

    Thank you for your sweet comment.

    Drop by our blog

  11. wow these dresses are amazing, i love the black one!
    you are super talented!

    xo Jessica

  12. Kimberly!

    I had no idea you designed as well! You should have told me during our waffle date. Gorgeous! I wish I could've been there to support!


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