TPOLA Snowball 2012: DIY Asymmetrical Dress


Outfit Details: self-designed DIY asymmetrical open-back dress, Target faux fur coat, ShoeMint heels

On Sunday was TPOLA's 3rd Annual Snowball and it was such a busy day for LA fashion bloggers! In the morning there was a Styling Suite at The Redbury (cute bohemian boutique hotel) where we got pampered with complimentary manicures from Bellacures (check out the color I chose on my Instagram!), beautiful hair styling from Joico, a gorgeous dress from Lulu's, and an unlimited champagne bar - oh my! 

Then at night was the big Snowball event which was held at where else but at Couture Hollywood, a fashion-inspired lounge. I was actually going to wear a different dress (but couldn't find it) so last minute decided to wear my self-designed maroon colored dress (seriously, I just finished writing a 10 page grad paper that night before heading out the door). See pics below of the super fab night filled with fashion bloggers, giveaways, treats, and style galore!

with super sweet Melanee of Melanee Shale :)

the amazing Lulu's girls

spun the Lulu's wheel trying to win 2 free items

 racks upon racks of Lulu's goodies (so many options!)

my dear Laura from Laura Lily (who also designed her own dress!)

so many beautiful & stylish fashion bloggers! The Wear to go GirlsWalk in Wonderland, Haute Pink PrettyLove Joo Kim, Melanee Shale, & Good Bad and Fab Xo

all the cool Snowball goodies ~ Thanks so much TPOLANYX, Blistex, Kama Sutra, Crossroads Trading, Joico, Ella Moss, & Lulu's!! (p.s. that's the red dress I won from spinning the Lulu's wheel)

Ending this post with some close up pics of my hair & makeup I did in like 20 minutes (life of a busy grad student/fashion blogger haha). Not too shabby right?

Happy holidays,

Instagram/Twitter Me: @kimberly_luu


  1. Very pretty! That dress fits you so well :)

  2. I love your outfit!! It looks like an amazing event!!

  3. Wow blogger party? This is amazing. I want to join! thank you so much for your comment, hope you will stop by again:) Early merry xmas.

    little K.

  4. Wow blogger party? This is amazing. I want to join! thank you so much for your comment, hope you will stop by again:) Early merry xmas.

    little K.

  5. Great post !

    Wow loving your coat and your amazing dress !!

    I want to invite you to join my Christmas giveaway to win a Frenchonista clutch worth $150 !!




  6. with your wonderful talent you made yet another incredible dress Kim! :) and you did a great job with your hair and makeup. merry Christmas too! :) <3

    Metallic Paws

  7. great dress!!!
    Merry Xmas!
    follow me on

  8. Kimberly!! Love the pics, and thanks so much for the shout-out :) I still can't believe you made that dress...It's gorgeous!

  9. I love our photo Kimberly! Hope to see you soon.


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