Shine Bright Like a Diamond


Exactly 1 month ago, my little sisteroo Susan finally turned 25! For months now, we have been planning many big celebrations for when she reached the quarter century mark.

To start off, on her special day, we tricked her into thinking we were going to dinner but wanted to blindfold her with ear muffs so she wouldn't know where we were going. Of course, I used my Oscar de la Renta scarf ;)

In actuality, we were taking Sus to her friend's house for her very own "Shine Bright Like a Diamond" intimate dinner.

 random candid pic the bf took (I think I was so happy to see food haha)

The surprises kept coming! After dinner we told her about our group trip to New York (flight/hotel/game tickets already bought) and she was in total shock (hence, why we made her wear ear muffs). This adorable booger is just the sweetest and deserves all the best! 

A big hooray to us and her friends for keeping this secret for SO LONG!! Trust me, it was very hard.

 Absolutely loved the outdoor decor that went so well with our silver bling theme. It was beyond perfect.
Outfit Details: white mesh dress, Nordstrom faux fur coat, Anne Michelle heels

I ended up wearing my white mesh dress (also here) with my warm faux fur coat (also here) to match the winter theme.

A great night with good company, there's nothing more you could really ask for. Hope you have a great weekend dearies!

Sending love,

Instagram/Twitter Me: @kimberly_luu


  1. great photos. very nice dresses :)

    the spot

  2. Sounded like a great time! Love the faux fur coat.

  3. You two are adorable! Happy belated to your sis! You're so sweet for planning such an amazing surprise- and! love that dress!

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