Iceland 2017 Diary {Day 6}


When it's hard to say goodbye...

This was our last day in Iceland before catching our afternoon flight at the KEF airport. We still wanted to see one more thing in Iceland before heading home and, realistically, seeing the Skogafoss Waterfall again was the closest waterfall that we could do.
TIP: It's about 2 hours away from the city so plan accordingly.

I know. The same waterfall? Again? But, to all our pleasant surprise, it was not the same at all! A colorful rainbow was shining so bright, you could see it all the way from the parking lot. We eagerly walked up to the waterfall and saw - not one, but - two rainbows glowing in the sky. It was beyond amazing and left us all loving Iceland even more. 
TIP: Wear a waterproof jacket cause you may get soaked.

We couldn't predict the weather in Iceland but it felt like we got to experience a little bit of everything. Sunshine? Check. Snow? Check. Rain? Check. Northern Lights? Check. Icelandic horses? Check. Waterfalls? Check. And rainbows? Check check. Iceland exceeded all our expectations and it turned out to be an incredible adventure of a lifetime with such an awesome group! Good vibes all around!

Thanks for reading and sending you hugs!

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{TRAVEL} Skogafoss Waterfall, Skogar, Iceland

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