Macy's SCP Event: Couture Designer B. Michael


After the Neiman Marcus Trend Preview fashion show, I stopped by Macy's at South Coast Plaza to check out couture designer B. Michael's new B Michael America Red collection. He also happens to be the costumer for Whitney Houston's movie, The Sparkle, which is currently out in theatres.

Like any in-store event, some yummy bubbly was served. (I really liked the floral arrangement here, so wanted to take it home)

Let's not forget something sweet. This cupcake looks big but it actually a mini version (so cute!) and very very delicious! Mmmm

The B. Michael America Red line carried sophisticated dresses and jackets in netural/bold colors designed for the professional woman. Sounds like you? Well then stop by your nearest Macy's to check out his stuff.

A store event has to, yes HAS TO, have music and awesome beats were played by no other than DJ Miss Ninja!

She's such a sweetheart! You can find DJ Miss Ninja playing at many cool LA hot spots. Find her here!

B. Michael with his models and the SCP Macy's team. Good job guys!

Fun facts: The B. Michael America Red collection happens to be made in America (yup, NYC to be exact) and all the linings in the clothes are red to represent America. Pretty creative huh? I love it when designers think of every little detail with a purpose behind everything they create. It just makes their work that much more meaningful.

Sending love,

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  1. The event looks like so much fun!

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