Nylon Mag x Madewell at The Grove LA


Prior to going to the Launch Haus Holiday Soiree, I stopped by the Nylon Magazine x Madewell event at The Grove.

It was my first time at The Grove and it was so beautifully decorated for the holidays.

Upon entering the Madewell store, I was greeted with some scrumptious Cool Haus treats. Tough decision but I ended up choosing the snickerdoodle cookie with nutella ice cream. Now seriously, whoever thought of these two combo was a genius!

Naturally, I'm an accessories girl so I was drawn to Madewell's bracelet bar.

This itty bitty ring was so adorable!

My goodies from the night: Nylon Magazine & Madewell friendship bracelet

Outfit Details here

After the event, when I walked out the store, it was "snowing" and totally felt like a winter wonderland in SoCal. It was very magical and I loved it! Reminded me of New York (oh how I miss NYC! So excited to be going back there in a week!).

Hope you're enjoying these last few days of 2012! Only 5 days left!

Happy holidays,

Instagram/Twitter Me: @kimberly_luu


  1. Such a cute bracelets and I love your necklace so much! :)


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