BEST OF 2013 :: Top 13 Fashion Blogger Highlights


When I first started blogging, it was for fun and I never imagined what it could lead to. As I was creating this post, I couldn't help but be surprised at all that has happened this past year. As this new year begins, it's a great chance to see what's been done to aspire to what can be done. So here's a special post on my Top 13 Fashion Blogger Highlights from 2013...

February 2013 - Sourcing at MAGIC's Digital Influencer for #RoadtoMAGIC (full posts HERE, HERE, HERE)

April 2013 - Racked LA for LAFC x ASOS Marketplace (full outfits HERE)

July 2013 - According to Kimberly x Kendra Scott event (full post HERE)
July 2013 - Racked LA for LAFC Open Runway fashion show (full post HERE)

August 2013 - Sourcing at MAGIC's Emerging Designer Winner (full posts HEREHERE)

September 2013 - OC Register's Fashion Blogger / Designer Feature

September 2013 -Style Week OC at Irvine Spectrum (full post HERE)

October 2013 - #FashionwithaCause for Breast Cancer Awareness (full post HERE)

October 2013 - Penelope's Vintage Blogger of the Month (full outfits HERE, HERE)

October 2013 - Paint the Town Pink at Los Cerritos (full post HERE)

October 2013 - SAC Time Warner Cable TV for Fashionista Interview (@7:10mins HERE)

November 2013 - Viet Sun Magazine's Lifestyle Fashion & Beauty issue (full post HERE)

December 2013 - Yumi Kim for 12 Days of YK Holiday Campaign (full outfit HERE)

It's amazing what a blog can do and I wouldn't have been able to have gotten these opportunities without your support. Thank you so much for reading my blog - I am so excited for what's to come in 2014 and can't wait to share it with you!

Thanks again for following me on my blogging journey. Ready to take on this new year? I am! Now let's motivate each other to inspire and do more in life.

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