Best of 2014 Moments + New Year's Resolutions


Ending 2014 by counting down my top 10 favorite looks/moments of the year and my new year's resolutions...

[#10] Started off the year in January with a fun collaboration with LA designer Bri Seeley for a What to Wear fashion series where I styled Bri's "Sylvia skirt" for 4 different outings (more HERE).

[#9] Later got to meet LA handbag designer Elena from Skinny Bags when we did a collaboration together styling her "Love Story" clutch in August (more HERE). This was also the outfit I wore to my first blogger's dinner event for Rachael from Everything Hauler's birthday at Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills (so many yummy food!). I absolutely LOVE this Three of Something skirt c/o Infinity Creative and how edgy chic it is!

[#8] Wore this eShakti custom-made midi skirt (more HERE) on July 4th when both of our parents had dinner together for the first time (shocking!). I liked how easy to wear this skirt was and how you can wear it for work and play. Double the use! 

[#7] Discovered a new San Francisco brand, Ducks in a Row (more HERE), where I also got to meet them in person during my MAGIC Market Week/ENK Vegas trip in August (more HERE) and wore their two piece set for a brunch date with the boyfriend which ended with the cutest little macarons from Honey and Butter!

[#6] Got to meet up with my junior high friend and creative photographer Dolly from Doll Face Photography to squeeze in a photo shoot before my birthday in May (more HERE) and catch up with her. I've always wanted to do a railroad photo shoot and she made it possible. <3

[#5] It was a pleasant surprise to be able to not only meet one of my favorite Instagram photographers, Teban from Asian Impressions Photography, but to also do a quick 2 outfit photo shoot together while he was visiting Los Angeles (more HERE). I just loved the way this picture came out so much it became my IG profile photo and I have yet to change it still!

[#4] To celebrate turning the big 3-0 and for graduating with my Master's degree, I took a mini vacation to Puerto Rico with the little sisteroos and Jude. The beaches there were incredible and so were the sunsets! From eating delicious food, doing tourist activities, and meeting new people, it was a trip to remember (more HERE). This picture here is from when we went to the third most beautiful beach in the world: Flamenco Beach on Culebras Island. *sigh* Can someone take me back? Shortly after, I went to Napa for the first time and did some wine tasting for my little sisteroo Kaffiekin's birthday in June (pictures and recap to come).

[#3] Traveling to Asia in January was also another trip I blessed to go on, especially since this was during my Master's program (luckily, I was able to work something out). I've gone to Vietnam many times before and it's always so great to come back and see my family there; however, this was the first time I got to travel there with my little sisteroos and my Daddie which was pretty awesome to go all together. The little sisteroos and I also stopped by Thailand (SO much fun there) and Singapore (loved the Marina Bay Sands Hotel) and did as much tourist things as possible, including riding an elephant and an ostrich plus swimming on a rooftop infinity pool (will share pictures and recaps from this trip next year). #LuuAsia

[#2] One of the best weekends spent with friends this year would have to be - without a doubt - Coachella in mid-April (more HERE). Funny enough, I got to attend the Week 1 parties with fellow fashion lovers and Week 2 for the actual Coachella experience. Let me say, it did not disappoint! Listening to nonstop music shows, spending quality time with loved ones, and enjoying the sunset during a perfect spring weekend. I can't wait to go again next year - hello Coachella 2015!

[#1] The most surprising and romantic trip of the year was a birthday weekend getaway to San Diego with the boyfriend. He's usually not good at keeping surprises so he did a really good job with this! We had our own private yacht to stay on and explored SD together (more HERE). It was a pretty cool first time experience that took me out of my comfort zone which made it even more impressive. You did good Mr. Bui, you did good. Two thumbs up!

{FASHION TIP: In the end, no matter what, always wear what makes you feel most confident.}

One of the best things I love about having a blog is being able to capture moments and sharing them with others. *Thank you all* for following along on my journey this past year and I am excited for what's in store for 2015. I usually don't make many new year's resolutions (because I want to be realistic and not break them) but two things I would like to focus more on is creating a blogging calendar so I can be consistent with blogging and living in the present moment when spending time with loved ones. :)

Wishing you a happy and safe New Year's Eve everyone - see you next year, I'm off to get ready for a masquerade ball tonight!

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  1. You had a great year in style, Kimberly! I love #2, the yellow two pieves and the long red detailed piece!



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